Giving it All Away 

There is a recognized need for good design strategy and good business insight combined to create innovation. There is a library of articles on the subject. From the DMI’s oft-cited Value of Design, to designer Joshua Taylor’s claim that designers should study business rather than code. There are plenty of points of view on how design will give us a better, more valuable world.

I cannot claim to write with expertise on business strategy, risk evaluation or estimated value. These methods and metrics are part of our MassArt MDesmaster’s learning and are well documented by people with far more experience. Our esteemed instructors draw on the best and most documented sources for their teaching. These are the beliefs of the day. They live inside the current economic paradigm and are products of it. Indeed one aim of this master’s program in design innovation is to develop the design and social skills to bring forth new innovation within current market and social frameworks. This is why I am here.

By contrast, in this short article, I question some assumptions about the ways we do business, and imagine alternative futures by curating evidence that there are many methods to make a living and to thrive. If you’re looking to get rich, navigate somewhere else. I am writing here about how to give it all away. Read the full article (<10 min)