Begin the End of Analog


1970 Minolta X-300 and a roll of Kodak Tri-X Pan 400

A Beach Street sign
two blocks from a room in a two-room apartment.
Mini kitchen, shared closet.
"Change" and a small arrow pointing.

A photo on the hour
hour after hour
first light until after dark

 - Beachgoers come and go.
 - A street fair sets up
       - their balloons
       - celebrates
       - takes them down.
 - The sun moves across the sky.

A day like hundreds.

Fifteen years after.

“Change” photo series, animated. 2005. Digitized from Kodak Tri-X Pan film negatives shot on a Minolta X-300 with a 50mm lens. F-stop and aperture changed throughout the day. Originals captured at Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, in June of that year. The sign appears to point to a coin vending machine. According to Google Street View, the sign was still in place in 2017.