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American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific

Baseline: One annual distinguished event. Blog with under ten weekly visitors. Facebook page with 263 likes and less than ten interactions per post.

Challenge: Grow community engagement in each of four diverse counties while increasing blog and social presence and ultimately growing volunteerism and revenue.


  • Re-design blog for readability and establish event-specific websites with retail functions that each community of volunteers can own. Closely cross fertilize content marketing with social media activity at the home blog.
  • Produce “Finish the Fight Fridays” weekly content marketing, and kudos-giving stories covering volunteers and donors making mission relevant and urgent with existing and new readers and potential constituents.
  • Increase staff participation in conferences and community events to give a local face to the global mission and recruit donors and volunteers based on the message.
  • Increase community participation in social media by offering incentives, asking questions and listening, and doing feature stories on local constituents. Repurpose community questions and reflect them back to the groups with additional content from ACS.
  • Continued traditional print, radio, television media donated on an event-specific basis, with additional focus on long term relationships and multi-year media buys.


  • Three fold increase in blog and social media interactions with top articles scoring in the hundreds of views and weekly social media interactions regularly 60+ interactions per post.
  • Normalization of event websites within the community as primary locations for booking, including increased sales and auction revenues.
  • Community volunteerism increase from 11 volunteers in year 1 to 36 volunteers in year three.
  • Event annual gross increase from US$95k in year one, to US$377k in year three.




Applications for Good

  • Content Marketing, thought leadership
  • Online and in-person community management
  • Innovation contests

Digital Connectors

  • Conferences and training
  • Traditional media

Just Think

  • Brand and website update

Soolip Inc.

  • Graphic design
  • Sales and training
  • Conferences