Kinetic Umbra Exploration of Space

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Long Exposure Photography

Having practiced many styles of breath and movement, I want to explore what shapes the practices leave in space. My intention is to record the full range of a flow in one exposure to discover what that might reveal about the practice and about the body. The act of recording these images is an especially intensive in-the-body experience as the movements need to be consistent throughout the entire exposure. In addition, these photographs take place in complete darkness where I am blind. This acts to deepen the practice, timing, breath, and balance.

Limited edition giclée prints are available square in any size from 12″ x 12″ to 36″ x 36″ on a clear acrylic substrate. Editions are limited to 18 per image in any size. All prints are shipped with standoff mounting hardware unless other mounting options are specified. For larger sizes, installed work or other information, contact me.


Kinetic Umbra

uses the human form recorded in time and space via a single, long-term exposure digital photograph, to reveal hidden organic geometry and elemental shapes.

Selected Exhibitions / Collections / Publications

2018 Group show, University of Tartu Institute of Physics

2017 Group show, Pärnu Linnagalerii, Estonia

2017 Collection, SCM student center, Universite du Luxembourg

2017 Group show, Brookline Arts Center

2016 Uforge Gallery, Boston

2016 Benko Gallery, South Lake Tahoe

2016 Group show, Electron Salon, Los Angeles

2016 Collection, City of Boston

2016 Publication, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, online gallery

2015 Publication, INPHA 5, Manifest Research Gallery

2015 Collection, Still and Moving Center, Honolulu, HI

The Artists

Concept and Performance:

Arthur Grau has worked in design, performing, and media arts throughout his life. Themes that arise in his work include meditations on natural forms, public participation, and representations of cultural symbolism. Early works include multi-media graphics as Enzyme and music recordings and performances with ‘Missed in Diary’ and ‘Dissolve’. Later, under the name Circa, his work centered on two-dimensional design and three-dimensional installation. Through intricate cut paper art, he explored geometry, symbolism, and meditation. Using labyrinth installations and experiences, ‘Deeper Jester’, ‘Man-dala’, and ‘Mojave’ he engaged the public to explore self and surrounding in new ways. ‘Mojave’ is now made visible by Google Earth.

Photography and Post Production:

Marta Czajkowska (Tchay-kov-ska) was born in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from Universidad Castilla-la-Mancha in Cuenca, Spain. Predominantly nomadic, she has lived Poland, Spain, Brazil, Hawaii & California and speaks five languages. Marta currently works as a freelance photographer, graphic designer, aerial silks teacher, and climbing guide. Her climbing, paddling, and lifestyle shots have been published in numerous publications around the world. Her favorite subject includes people in their natural environment, adventure sports, nature, and extreme lifestyle, focusing on women athletes. Her award-winning documentary on Uncle Nappy Napoleon “I Just Love to Paddle” has been shown in film festivals around the world.