Because every challenge is a design challenge.

Derived from Stanford dSchool and Ideo articles. Expanded to meet considerations in human-centered design deep in the #devsecops tech stack.

Design Dynamo

Complex and evolving challenges require us to see, think, and do things in ways we never have before. Design Dynamo helps us integrate cross-functional collaboration to solve hairy problems. We use the Dynamo map and methods to unify experts from across the enterprise, share a common story, and make together. We generate value, reduce risk, and create a better world.

design dynamo map graphic design

We use methods from design, business, engineering, anthropology, systems thinking, and personal mindfulness insight practices to face complexity iteratively. While many design and problem-solving frameworks are linear, the dynamo engages in circular recurring patterns to rally people and implement change. We also work with the whole person and the whole system. Challenges nearly always have people, technology, and system inputs. Below are a few of the tools, methods, and outcomes. 

Frame the challenge & gather people and resources

  • Challenge Brief
  • How Might We statement
  • User problem statement
  • System issue or challenge
  • HR teaming

Personal activities

  • Breath awareness
  • Ten-minute mind
  • 25/5 actions
  • Stake, Impact, & Outcome

Empathize with users & learn system dynamics

  • Interview
  • Ride along
  • Journals
  • Empathy map
  • Archetypes
  • System map

Personal activities

  • Body scanning
  • Universal empathy map
  • Seven generations activity

Organize, themes, & discover opportunities

  • Affinity map
  • Journey map
  • Insight story
  • Opportunity
  • Tree diagram
  • How Might We revised

Personal activities

  • Body scanning
  • Walking meditation
  • Senses scavenger
  • Excercise or dance

Propose new ideas & evaluate viability

  • Lo-Fi Prototype
  • Service blueprint
  • Value feasibility analysis
  • Epics and definition of done
  • User stories

Personal activities

  • Deep listening
  • Body scanning
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Sketching and doodling


Build, create, prototype, make

  • Service blueprint
  • Li-Fi prototype
  • MVP
  • Alpha test
  • Usability test
  • Pilot

Personal practices

  • Gifting and gratitude activity
  • Circular breathing
  • Laughing, sharing meals

Test, train, & document

  • User testing
  • Hifi prototype
  • Beta test
  • Training
  • Document
  • Marcom
  • A/B test

Personal activities

  • Box breathing
  • Body scanning
  • Journaling

How will you use the Design Dynamo?

Share your challenge with me on LinkedIn and let’s find out.